Maximize your production uptime with metering pumps and packages

Petrochemicals are the feedstock for polymers, solvents, detergents, adhesives, plastics, lubricants, and other materials. Chemical plants produce this feedstock by fluid catalytic cracking of petroleum fractures. This processing requires numerous chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, oxygen scavengers, and many more.

Milton Roy offers metering pumps and packages that ensure accuracy in delivery of critical or difficult fluids. Our API 674 and API 675 compliant pumps have been designed for steady-state accuracy of ±1% and are available with multiple liquid end configurations including critical service diaphragms to ensure peak performance. In addition, the efficient, reliable designs of our pumps and packages require minimal maintenance lowering maintenance costs over the pump life cycle.

Through our global team of industry experts and channel partners, we can design specialized solutions to meet your requirements.