High-Pressure Methanol Chemical Injection

Efficient, reliable chemical delivery for critical oil transportation and production

Methanol is a commonly used chemical in the oil and gas industry, mainly in offshore applications.  It is injected continuously or intermittently, depending on the process, to prevent hydrate formation.  While commonly used, methanol can be volatile and dangerous to both people and the environment.

In order to effectively deliver methanol, high-pressures are required to overcome the friction losses, but its toxic nature also demands efficient delivery with minimal leakage.

Milton Roy metering pumps and chemical injection packages are the highly-reliable choice for high-pressure methanol injection.  Our diaphragm liquid ends provide safe, efficient chemical delivery with little to no leaks.  In addition, the modularity of our pump designs enables multiplexing and customizable configurations to maximize performance while minimizing its operating footprint.

Our metering pumps have been used in hundreds of installations worldwide with one of the best reliability track records.

PRIMEROYAL® Series Metering Pumps

  • Built to API 675 standards, Primeroyal series pumps combine robust, field-proven technology with a flexible design.  They feature a variable eccentric drive for precise control of the pump delivery rate and five frame sizes with a wide flow rate and pressure range to be precisely configured for your application.

Milroyal® Series Metering Pump

  • The MILROYAL® series metering pumps are the most reliable, industrial-duty metering pump for critical processes.  The pump’s diaphragm designs minimize leaks while its capacity adjustment options enable the pump to be perfectly tuned to your process requirements.

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