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Control Air or Gas Flow
Williams Pneumatic Relays

The Williams Pneumatic Relays ensure proper air or gas flow rates for a given application

The Pneumatic Relay is a pilot operated valve designed to provide the higher air or gas flow rates necessary for pneumatic drive cylinders greater than 3 inches. The pneumatic relay is actuated by the pulses produced by the Oscillamatic Controller. A single acting pneumatic relay is used with pumps that have a piston return spring.

Air/gas pressure from a controller forces a piston and one or more attached poppet valves to move. The controller removes pressure and the spring forces both the piston and poppet valve(s) in the reverse direction. The PO3-6S relay has one poppet valve that connects the supply air/gas to the pump and blocks the exhaust when the controller applies air/gas to the relay piston. When the controller removes pressure from piston, the poppet valve stops the supply air/gas and connects the pump to the exhaust.