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WPC-9001-GP & XP
Williams Control Units

Optional Pump Controls are available for all Williams pumps to allow for automatic control of the injection rate

The WPC (Williams Pump Controller) Series can control two pumps, one as the main duty, and the other as the standby pump. By utilizing an optional flow switch mounted on the common discharge line of the pumps, the flow output is monitored, and a signal is sent to the WPC if flow is lost. A loss of flow with an input signal greater than 4.07mA will switch from the selected pump to the standby pump and send a signal of loss of flow. Also included, is a feature to operate the pump at a preset rate in the event the input signal is lost the unit will automatically switch over and send a relay output signal of the alarm condition.

A Normally Closed (N/C) 3-way solenoid valve must be purchased separately and will be operated by the WPC-9001. The Oscillamatic Controller is not required as the unit includes a manual mode than can be locally adjusted from 5-45 spm by a knob located on the front of the unit.