Catalyst Reactor Charge Pumping Applications

Highly reliable, metering pumps for safe and efficient catalyst dosing

Many industrial processes depend upon catalysts for their success.  Such catalysts can be toxic in nature and dosing the precise amounts safely and effectively is a top priority.

Milton Roy has years of experience in providing metering pump technology that can withstand the harsh chemicals and environmental conditions of processing operations using catalyst reactors.

Our metering pumps technology with hydraulically-actuated diaphragms is designed to deliver ±1% steady-state accuracy with 100:1 turndown ratios, and capacity that can be adjusted by manual controls, variable speed drives, and electronic or pneumatic actuators.

Modularity of design is a key component to success.  We have designs that accept a variety of liquid ends to meet different process requirements.  In addition, our pumps are available in different frame sizes with multiplexing to be able to address a wide range of capacities and pressures.

Case in Point

  • Polypropylene reactor catalyst charge pumps used by a major polyethylene plant were experiencing numerous failures, leading to catalytic reactor unit shut downs and the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars of production per hour.  The facility needed a more reliable pump that could withstand the harsh chemicals, pressures, and processing conditions.

Milroyal® Series Metering Pump

  • The MILROYAL® series metering pumps are the most reliable, industrial-duty metering pump for critical processes.  The pump’s diaphragm designs minimize leaks while its capacity adjustment options enable the pump to be perfectly tuned to your process requirements.

Metering Technology Effectively Handles Polyethylene Production

  • Learn more about how our hydraulically-actuated and critical service diaphragms enhance safety and uptime at a chemical processing plant.

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